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Exclusiv: Luca Ionescu despre design, inspiratie si cum e sa fii artist roman in Australia

Initiem azi o noua rubrica, ceea ce rar ni se intampla, deci e un moment de mare sarbatoare. Pe scurt, va supunem atentiei in fiecare luna un artist roman super tare, fie de pe meleagurile noastre fie de afara. Cu bune, cu rele, cu amintiri tari si cu ce-i hraneste pofta de de ‘supertarism’.

Primul pe lista, nu intamplator, e Luca Ionescu, care pe langa a fi un roman nascut pe Ana Ipatescu si crescut printre surferi si canguri (acum sa va vad cum ghiciti tara!) e un designer de nota 10. In Sydney dezvolta simultan proiecte de identitate de brand (pentru d-astia gen Redbull, MTV, Etnies, Absolut, Cola sau Reebok in cadrul studio-ului sau LikeMinded Studio – pentru opere complete, intrati pe pagina lui de flickr), este curator, face design de produs si co-editeaza Refill Magazine. A explorat cam tot ce se poate in domeniul graficii. Asa ca l-am rugat sa puna putin stop desenului si sa treaca un pic la scris pentru noi. Ce-a iesit e un prim interviu dintre serie speram cat mai mare.

Republik: Tell us a little bit about the projects you are running. You have a graphic studio, but also curate an exhibition and publish a design magazine. Whats the the reason behind the last two?
Luca: The last two give us an opportunity to collaborate with other artists and give back to the local community.

Republik: What are the differences in terms of design between the Australian graphic designers and the Europeans? Is there a specificity for each of these two categories?
Luca: I think in Australia the design scene benefits from the lifestyle we have. This is access to beaches, good weather and a very large multicultural influence. In sydney our diverse ethnic backgrounds, means each designer brings an unique point of view to the table and many different influences, such as oriental, european, as well as the fusion which is Australian. I guess what i am saying is our scene is young and not afraid to try new techniques and ideas which is helping the community establish itself on an international level. I think the there is a lot of talent in Australia and its starting to be recognised internationally.

Republik: The world is full of people doing their job in a lousy way, just because they are not right for it. You know, creatives that become accountants (not that theres anything wrong with accountantsJ) and so on. How did you discover your talent? And equally important, what did you do to pursue it.
Luca: In my case was lucky. I was drawing since i was a kid living in Ana Ipatescu. I never really put the pencil or crayon down and my grandmother and parents encouraged me to keep drawing, they recognised the talent. I was just having fun , i did not think it was going to become a profession. So I guess it was natural for me to do something creative, I am still having fun.

Republik:In which direction do you think graphic design is heading to in the next few years?
Luca: I think the cross over between illustration, street at and fashion have created a very rich tapestry in design. I think the new design will have a new level of depth that has not seen before, as craftsmen from all those mediums are producing work in the design arena. Hopefully new design will not just be plagearism because of the access to information on the internet.

Republik: Tell us a little bit about the creative process. Where do you find your inspiration? And how do you cope with lack of inspiration in short deadlines?
Luca: I guess I am always doing design work, so I am always exposed to design of some sort. I love collecting old books about typography and logos. Also looking at design posters, movies, listening to music. Or sometimes going for a walk. Its hard to explain but inspiration sometimes comes from unusual places. I guess ideas just pop into my head because i have been exposed to design for so long, and I have trained my mind to inspire itself. On short deadlines i usually try get the best understanding of teh brief, whatever it is the client wants is usually in there and there is always a quick effective method to answer the clients brief, if the brief is understood properly. Even if i am feeling uninspired there is always an idea that will come into my head and help do the job. I also now have a 1 year old son Jaga, his mother and him are both my everyday inspirations.
Republik: Whats it like living in Australia for a Romanian? Im not sure how relevant is the fact that you are Romanian, cause I dont know how old you were when you left the country.
Luca: I was 9 years old when I left Romania with my family. I like the fact that i have fond memories of Romania, my grandparents taking me for walks or on the boat in Herastrau and Cismigiu. As well as going to the beach in the summer time, then my relatives holiday house in Ploiesti. I used to wake up in Ploiesti and eat fresh chicken eggs as well as drink milk from a local farmer who milked the cows everyday. It was a very healthy and happy upringing in Romania, but i know my parents also sacrificed alot and suffered during the old regime. It was not easy for them but i was sheltered from the hardships of life. My grandmother was a big Alain Delon, Lino Ventura, and Belmondo fan. So i grew up being very cultured aboutr french italian and american cinema, spending most of my early years in the cinema. Anyway I guess growing up around ana ipatescu and the old part of Bucharest helped me develop a good eye for old lettering , the flourishes and detailing in the old archtitecture around the city. Because Sydney does not have the same style of architecture or old city streets, i have been able to combine best of both worlds. my new life in Australia and the old memories of bucharest. Both of them have shaped me into the designer i am today.
The fact that i am ROmanian doesnt matter here in Sydney, its very multicultural so no one really puts emphasis on background. Its more important the kind of person you are and what you do with yourself to gain the respect of your peers.
Republik: Whats the nicest / the worst thing you recall about Romania>?
Luca: I remember i loved being taken to Muesul Antipa as a kid by my grandmother, because i used to pretend i was Rahan especially in the section with the cave and the mammoth. Also eating hot “covrigi cu mac”. The bad memories are i remember being my parents being taken away for interviews in the middle of the night and being interrogated because they wanted to leave the country. Also not having any heating in our apartment and having to sleep with 3 layers of my grandmothers fur coats over us to keep warm.
Republik: And now, questions to generate traffic:)

Whats your favourite movie/band?
Luca: Science of Sleep

Republik: Which celebrity would you like to share a day with?
Luca: Takeshi Kitano

Republik: AC/DC or INXS?
Luca: mmm very hard one but it has to be.. AC/DC

Republik: Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts?
Luca: Naomi Watts
Republik: Cangoroos or sheeps ?
Luca: Kangaroos please ;) sheeps are for Kiwi’s
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